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The DJ's from March 4th

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Born and raised in Den Bosch, during his teens D-Tec had a brief fondness of early Hardcore. For a few years his attention switched to Hip-Hop and Rap music, which gave him certain tools needed for his musical growth. By his late teens D-Tec started visiting clubs for the first time, which really opened his eyes and ears. From that point on nothing could deter his love for Dancemusic.

D-Tec's sound can be desribed as a warm mixture of gleefully uplifting, yet hard hitting kicks combined with raw unadulterated synths and pounding percussions.
A set by D-Tec is vibrant, juicy but also really gets your groove on.

Getting a crowd going is also one of the major components in what gets D-Tec to love what he does. That wonderful feeling when connecting to a group of likeminded individuals with nothing more than good Techno, beats just about anything.


BAM! Anything goes. Give and get. 
A set performed by Kipa is energetic, open-minded and with a clear preference: underground.
When searching for sounds Kipa is always looking for the non-commercial ones. Digging up those gems is fun and interesting to do. Playing them is an adventure on its own, but mixing them into something new, that’s where Kipa is at his best.

Inspired by the rich and full genre that techno beholds, he never stops exploring it and even daringly crosses lines by combining Electro, Techhouse and Warehouse tunes.
Together with some great roots like the 303 and 808/909, Kipa takes his audience on a journey they’ll remember.

When performing, the audience is key! Seeing them enjoying themselves to the fullest is what drives Kipa into giving his all.
Looking up the depth of this incredible music stream, his sound can be described as energetic, with deep spacy soundscapes and rocking beats.

Kipa is tremendously fond of building up an intensive set to trigger the audience with full-on Techno, not letting anybody escape from the high driven sound he creates.
Demo's, mixing and producing is what makes Kipa a creative DJ/producer with his own recognizable sound.


Mich-K is known as a musical Chameleon (K for kameleon in Dutch). He started primarily as an allround DJ playing at different venues throughout the Netherlands. He played different styles at different locations and wasn’t afraid to mix those styles together. Some would call his style at that time eclectic and some called it a crazy rollercoaster ride. But all agreed one one thing: They had a hell of a time.

It was in that period of his live that Mich-K discovered Techno and felt its energy pumping through his veins. In the early 00’s he slit down deeper into the gutters of Techno and started experimenting with playing and mixing techno. This is how he discovered his joy for the harder Techno-styles. Eventually, it where the deeper sides and shades of Techno, which Mich-K fell in love with.

At this point in time, Mich-K’s (minimal) Techno sets explore the different styles. It’s like a wave which’ll take you from one emotion to another. From one mood to another, until you realize that you were on a two hour Techno trip. Besides his profound joy in Techno, Mich-K still likes to flirt with some of the other styles, which he sometimes likes to blend into his sets. Giving the crowd a new perspective on Techno.

Bass Collectors

Bass Collectors is a techno duo from Sneek. Next to being good friends and neighbours, they share a great love for underground techno. Performing live on stage Bass Collectors have a clear preference for deep, dark, pounding and banging hard techno.

Officially started at the beginning of 2015, Bass Collectors quickly became a well-known name in the Dutch techno scene. Every set comes to you with sheer force, bright vocals and a hard pounding bass. The energetic music of these passionate technolovers fully captures the hart and soul of modern techno.

Despite their upcoming success Bass Collectors still found it difficult to gain foothold within the greater techno-DJ establishment. Therefore they decided to take matters into their own hands and founded Technostate Inc. With the founding of this company the success of Bass Collectors rose to the next level. Together with several other talented DJ's they became resident at all Dutch,Dirty&Brutal, Technostate Inc. and Play! events.

Nowadays Bass Collectors host their own underground techno radio show called Technostate which is broadcasted every Monday (20:00-23:00h. cet) on Beats2dance Radio.
Bass Collectors also collaborates with common radiostations like GTU Radio, Cuebase-FM and Fnoob Techno Radio.