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Maarton is a man with a sonic soul, who loves the deeper shades of electronic music. His focus is on connecting with the crowd in a way the energy and physical feeling of Techno can be experienced together.
A set by Maarton is strong with an elevating vibe. A sound which is ranging from teasingly pure and deep to pounding industrial whilst sonically surprising.
As an artist, for many years Maarton has been exploring and creating several kinds of electronic music, which has resulted in his distinctive and expressive signature DJ sound. His musical DNA is rooted in the fundaments of house music.

From 2016, Maarton has put up the extraordinary IN AIR events, his own live outdoor underground dj sets, which he hosts at unique remote locations.

Wietze Young

Although Wietze Young started out as a Hardcore-DJ, playing solely on vinyl, around 2001 Wietze found a new love in his life.
With this new love, called Techno, Wietze discovered how deep music can take you and made the switch.

A set by Wietze can be best described as deep and rolling, really taking you to that next level.

Full On Funk

From the moment Full On Funk got his first cassette-tape, he started enjoying music to the fullest. After buying his first equipment,  the “annoying the neighbors” project could get started! When eventually the neighbors moved out, after years of asking “to turn down all the *&%$# noise” Full on Funk realized how deep the impact of music on peoples lives can be. This live-lesson thought him to respect music differently and see it as the powerful tool it can be.

Full on Funk’s sound can’t be labeled by one single genre. His goal in both his sets and his productions is to combine different styles and create a whole new feel of techno music. For him “Funk” stands for daring to stand out and be different.
Depending on the type of venue he’s playing, the time-slot he’s been given and the reactions of the crowd, a set from Full on Funk can differ from laidback, lounge-like Techno to strong, dark pounding Techno, providing a new meaning to what it is to be a DJ.

As of April 2016 Full on Funk started the 50:HERTZ community. Together with guys like Jamie Fullick, Mitch de Klein and Janick Megroot he hosts a weekly radioshow on both Deep FM and Diesel FM. The philosophy of this community is to bring the people within the Techno-scene together, creating new relations and opportunities. To that extend the 50:HERTZ community hosted their first official event during ADE 2016, which already led to several great cooperations in which the positive energy and like-mindedness could be sensed not only by the people involved, but also by the crowd, making it an experience they’ll never forget.

Bass Collectors

Bass Collectors is a techno duo from Sneek. Next to being good friends and neighbours, they share a great love for underground techno. Performing live on stage Bass Collectors have a clear preference for deep, dark, pounding and banging hard techno.

Officially started at the beginning of 2015, Bass Collectors quickly became a well-known name in the Dutch techno scene. Every set comes to you with sheer force, bright vocals and a hard pounding bass. The energetic music of these passionate technolovers fully captures the hart and soul of modern techno.

Despite their upcoming success Bass Collectors still found it difficult to gain foothold within the greater techno-DJ establishment. Therefore they decided to take matters into their own hands and founded Technostate Inc. With the founding of this company the success of Bass Collectors rose to the next level. Together with several other talented DJ's they became resident at all Dutch,Dirty&Brutal, Technostate Inc. and Play! events.

Nowadays Bass Collectors host their own underground techno radio show called Technostate which is broadcasted every Monday (19:00-22:00h. cet) on